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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clearing Clutter

I thought I'd pop in for a bit of a break from another round of de-cluttering...both in this craft room of mine and the house in general. I feel a bit like Thomas Edison when he said:

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

I can look in my dayplanners a decade ago and see the same entry repeated several times throughout the months. Clean room, clear desk, organize this, that or the other! It's an ongoing battle! 
I have been making strides this past month! I've thrown away extra bags of garbage, recyled extra boxes of paper,  delivered a big heavy box of books to the library and given away bags of items to our Good Will here in town. Now for anyone who really knows me, they'll know that I'm talking grocery bags not garbage bags, but that doesn't dim the excitement one iota. LOL
They say you can't organize clutter, and I know its better to move it out, but I'm having some success in condensing things, too...I don't know if it will just be an illusion, but I'm putting more like-things together and I have new spaces on shelves...good thing because one of my biggest goals is to have more clear space to work on at the counters in this room.
and the biggest reason to keep at this task? so I can feel more creative in my space. So often I see a great idea online and I think it would make a great a page or card...but it's easier to ignore that growing pile on my desk than find homes for some of it and less than inspiring to push it aside to be able to stamp, just for the joy of it.
One Huge serendipity for me as a Demonstrator, is the goal and deadlines I set for myself to create projects for upcoming classes and workshops. With these in place, I have a purpose to creating, and I love that.
If that makes sense to you, maybe signing up would be a good idea for you, too! (and till March 31st, the Starter Kit is on sale!) You could even make some extra money to boot. I love Stampin'Up!

Here is another card I made for the Girls to copy for the Spring Fever classes:
This one was inspired by a beautiful card by Stampercamper, I changed the shape and then adapted the ribbon for the new smaller size. I loved the way she used the bright Melon Mambo Doily from the Sizzlet die as a back drop, I had to cut mine down for my smaller size. I used Fabulous phrases on one of the self-adhesive labels.
Back to another shelf of cleaning.
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  1. After you organize your room, can you come do my house!!?? Good to hear you are making progress.
    Love the card you made with the doily. Very cheery!