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Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's New at the Zoo? The Penguin Plunge

What a great weekend, we headed to Calgary to hang out with Cary who was busy working...
the Girls had Friday off so we planned a trip to the Zoo and the newest exhibit...the penguins.

There are 4 different types and quite neat to watch. We'd been warned that the Kings were prone to splash the visitors...and sure enough, we were glad for the warning when one gave a big wave of her you call it a wing?! arm?! and out sprayed water but we jumped back with hardly a drop landing on us, as we'd been on our toes with anticipation...
My favourite penguins were the Humboldt penguins, they can shoot through the water at terrific speeds...and then torpedo themselves into the air and up onto their rocks! We enjoyed our visit to this new home for these 46 critters!
We headed over to the Hippo house next and from a favourite viewing spot just inside the door, we watched Foggy swim around his rock once and head out of the water...and we watched as about a dozen people leaped back en masse as he proceeded to have a poop...and I don't know if you know this but when hippos poop, they fan their tail back and forth to spray it evvverrrywhere. Luckily, I think someone must have given the people a second of they seemed to have escaped into a safe zone soon enough!
Speaking of spraying, the other animals we give a wide berth to are the tigers...but we did head over for a visit on this wonderful sunny day and Arianna caught a great shot of one of them!
We told Cary all the tales of our days adventures over Ceaser salad and pasta at our favourite restaurant, East Side Marios. The Girls love getting a fancy Shirley Temple, which is served up with 3 colours of Maraschino cherries and a piece of cotton candy!



  1. You are such a fun Mom. Love the photos and the
    cute story about the hippo! Not often that you see pictures taken at the zoo with snow!

  2. what! - you saw the penguins!! Hey don't you have a nice hole in one card you did