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Monday, March 9, 2015

Creative Blog Hop ~ Project Life by Stampin'Up!

Today is my turn to post on the Creative Blog Hop  typically these posts are done in the morning, I struggled with an early morning post in my house, but noon is pretty good for me! Thanks to Amber Meulenbelt at Stamp with Amber for nominating me. This blog hop doesn't require a commitment - just the one post where you answer a few questions and then nominate two other stampers to carry on next week. It's a sort of creative chain letter ;) 

So faced with putting together this post with no theme...I tried to think what I'd like to showcase...
So many stamps ~ so little time!
I'm not sure the exact chain of thoughts that led me to showing off our wonderful Project Life ~ I'm teaching a class of 10 Grade 6 Girls right now...Capturing their first year in Middle scrapbooking is on my mind...
I'm very pleased with how these turned out...and planning on working with the Love set pretty soon to see how they'll turn out (stay classic Black & white or add dramatic splashes of colour!?)

I added in the Crazy About You stamps and a couple small flowers with pearls.

This was the first one I started with, using the background as a jumping point and adding in African animals to match the print. To use these cards you simply need to trim down the 4 x 6 card to 4 x 5 1/4. The little stamp comes from Let's Get of the new PL by SU sets in the new Occasions catalogue.

This was my last card and I almost didn't finish it up last night (it was getting late) but really look how simple it is! a little layer of textured paper, a couple little banners, and the most perfect stamp from my new Favourite set Adventure Awaits!

No stamps needed! How perfect is this? A 3 x 4 card layered over the 4 x 6 card onto a base. I added the smidge of 'bling' by using the banner die from Celebrate Today.

 Perfect cards for mailing!

The second component of the Creative Blog Hop is to answer the four questions:

1. What are you working on right now?
 I'm still finishing class content for the next couple ideas to share with the Ladies I have coming to class the next couple days....and I'm always working on organizing and decluttering my room.

2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?

The way I do my classes is really unique...I do not pre-cut anything. I design a class, but when the ladies come they take the technique, template or idea and make it their own with colour choice and even altering the design a bit. I've always done this. It's really wonderful to see what they create!
3. Why do you create what you do?
I've always said the serendipity of working this business is that I actually do take time to create projects, pages and home decor in order to have it ready for a class. Usually seasonal cues for what I actually present in class.

4. How does your creativity work?

 I usually have a specific stamp or tool that I want to work with and then it just goes from there. Inspiration comes from Pinterest, blogs and magazines. Once I start working and get away from the computer, it seems to flow from actually working with what's in front of me~ colours, product, ideas.

And now it's my turn to nominate a talented lady to participate in the Creative Blog Hop next week: Krista Frattin at Stampin'Dolce  I'm so happy to have met her as a fellow Demonstrator. She inspires me with her creativity and verve for life.

 Check out her blog, if you haven't already. She is one of this year's illustrious Artisans! Let her know you've visited - and then come back next Monday (March 16) to see what she's come up with. I know you'll love her projects!

Thanks again to Amber for asking me to be part of the Creative Blog Hop. It was fun!

 (come back and visit here, too! I'll be sure to post again! thanks for stopping by!)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

what did you do all day?

I came across this post a couple days ago and I loved it. Wanted to share!

what did you do all day?

A great reminder to remember all the little moments as well as the momentous!

A tradition we do around Christmas is sleeping under the tree, this is the girls snuggling back in the next morning. It's a bit of an example of what keeps me busy..but not 'productive' per se, right?!

smiles, Laurie

Friday Night ~ Working late!

I'm going to be a guest blog hopping stop on watch for that!
In the meantime, I'm also busy scouring for ideas of page layouts for my Kids Scrapbook Club to do on Monday.
I started a project in September with ten young ladies to Capture their first year in Middle School.
We have been having a wonderful time doing just that. This upcoming class, I'm thinking we need to work in a place to Capture all the Field Trips they do throughout the year...trips that I don't necessarily have photos for!
I have an idea in my head of how I'd like the page to shape up...but not finding anyone online with the same thought as me!?! I hate when that can no one have already done what I'd like to copy from inside my head? : )
I'll let you know how it turns out..and how their adaptions come together!
I am coming up with a few other technique ideas to work with for other pages...even if just for my own pages!