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Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 30, 2012

I can't believe I've done it again...let far too long go between blog entries...
It's not like I don't think about posting,  just a couple days ago, I was thinking about an entry I could write while I washing dishes, but didn't get over to the computer. I guess that's the thing, life is busy and this month busier than most in an attempt to accomplish so much.
Cedmeber has come and nearly over, I didn't get it all done (whatever the definition of 'it all' is!) but I was really happy with how content I was with what I did do
...the gingerbread houses, advent calendar, Cary's 12 Beers of Christmas found, gifts wrapped and  under the tree as a surprise a few different mornings to be shaken and squeezed in anticipation, Christmas movies and popcorn nights, baking, Christmas plays attended, concerts, recitals, we even slept under the Christmas tree on the 21st. Sure, there are still some decorations that never came out of their boxes, some baking not completed, and Christmas cards not written (okay, so this, I'm a bit sad about, as I actually have about 20 made from classes I could have addressed and sent off. My excuse there, sadly, was the family photo that needed to be found and printed to enclose...I even purposely posed us in front of a fabulous landscape in Salzburg..but the lighting was all off. I'm planning on writing the letter in the coming week and getting things ready to send off for Valentine's ...or maybe Groundhogs Day! haha)
I wish I'd have shared this song by Amy Grant earlier for you all to's a real favourite of mine. Our piano teacher has 3 beautiful Girls. Sometimes at her Recitals she asks them to sing, as a special treat. They sang this a couple years ago...maybe it's more special to me because of this. Tag it somehow and save it for next year!

I'm busily finishing off Swaps for Stampin'Up! 's Leadership in Florida. I joined 4 different organized swaps. Be sure to pop back by to see all the gorgeous examples I'll have to share!

I do hope you enjoyed your Christmas and the Holidays! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gingerbread Creations

Just a quick little note with a few photos of the Gingerbread houses decorated.

A couple villages and this sweet Reindeer Farm made by my Littlest. Missing from the photos is the unusual Weasley House my Oldest made from several pieces of 'house'.  Difficult to do it any justice in a photo! The Weasley's from the Harry Potter series are a wonderful family, when Harry first visited their home he's quoted as saying something such as 'the house looked like it was held together with magic' .
The Gingerbread Weasley House defies some laws of gravity as well. Royal Icing is amazing! Quite fun!
Tomorrow is 12.12.12. What are you up to to celebrate?!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Purse Die Does Double Duty

After tussling with Gingerbread dough to cut out the sweetest little houses for decorating with the Girls, I thought I'd do something I'm a bit more happy with at the moment...I'll post the completed and wonderfully decorated houses when the Girls get done.

I'd seen this box idea on Michelle Hamilton's blog and knew I had to give it a try, even without directions. It's made from the Petite Purse Die and with a little snipping away of some extra pieces, it makes quite a sweet box.

It takes 4 cut outs of the purse. I ran them through the Big Shot  once more with the Delicate Designs embossing folder and added some pearls. A little double bow and brad closure for the top finished this simple project. I made it with the next season in mind to share with my Gals in an upcoming class...but it turned out so sweet, I think I'll have to make up a few more in a Christmas theme to give away with a little something inside (bath salts or chocolate, maybe!).
Off for a fun weekend in the Mountains with a group of friends...running to finish packing.
enjoy your weekend. Happy Crafting!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Very Vanilla~ Plain or Good?

Just like Icecream flavours...when you go for Vanilla, is it boring? or just exactly right? And why do we always say plain vanilla, like it's automatically a bad thing? Mind you, even the tastiest Vanilla cone tastes better with Sprinkles.
Tonight, I got a chance to make a few more Christmas cards for a class I'm doing tomorrow. We are using Very Vanilla as a base and I really like how bright and clean they look. This first card, I loved when I saw it online with a different base and papers but liked the sketch they had used with the skates.

I had to add the little red laces again, because it adds the right touch, and everyone has agreed over the past few weeks of working with this set.
To add a little pizzazz to the class, I decided to show them this simple Fancy fold. I came up with this card. Using the sled from the same set, Winter Memories, I coupled it another piece from the Festival of Prints Designer Series Paper Stack. This little pad of paper is well priced with the variety of these wonderful 2-sided papers!

Enjoy your weekend!