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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Spark of Creativity

In January, we went to the Spankin' new Spark Telus Science Centre in Calgary. What a gorgeous space! The Girls were enthralled with all the of their favourites was an animation studio.  Once you created something, you could save it on your entrance pass. For instance, you could take a video clip, save it, take it to another station and add voice overs to it...not sure if we should've been able to log in to access it afterwards, but one option along the way was to email images. Just the other day, when coming home from the zoo, the Girls mentioned we never had seen any of those emails...lo and behold, tonight, I came home from a Band meeting and there were 18 of them in my inbox!  My Littlest will be excited to watch a penguin clip 12 seconds long she worked on.
Me, my favourite spot was a light sabre...but just moving through the studio caused neat are a couple. In this first one I walked across the screen, sort of the second layer from the top of colour is my face, then my blue and white shirt.

 In this second shot, I'm twirling my long sleeved arm off to the side of my body and you can sort of imagine my face in the top right of the screen (?!).
That's it for the creativity in my life today (and not even created today)...I've been busy doing books which I never seem to get ahead of, but proud to say I made a dent in the papers strewn throughout the various areas they collect!
 I guess, I did pull out my camera this afternoon, too, to capture the Girls standing beside the mounds of snow that have fallen over the past 48 hours...2 Snow days in a row at school...which my girls love, they attend because the class sizes are about 1/2 and they just enjoy being there with their friends and doing 1/2 workload!
I'll see how the shots turn out and capture a couple of the horses share.
back to the salt mines (or books...)

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  1. what the heck are those pictures? Doesn't anyone appreciate landscapes anymore.

    Go Riders.

    Look at me trolling your site. now you know you have hit the big time.