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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's

Welcome in the new month and a day full of pranks!
Last night, as I passed the Girls' bathroom, I came up with a fun idea. They each have a sink, I decided to swap out their soaps, toothbrush holders, little doodahs they have surrounding their space and the mats that are in front of the sinks. They thought that was pretty fun waking up to that this morning.
Breakfast found odd coloured milk after it was poured into their cups!
When Cary and the Girls were coming back home later this morning, I was in the garage, and each time he tried to open the door remotely as he was approaching, I'd hit the button to close it. He was muttering and wondering what was going on, when it opened finally...I was standing there laughing.
Supper was fun. I'd seen an idea for a meal that I thought I'd try.
Meatloaf made in cupcake holders and "iced" with potatoes! I almost forgot to take a photo, this is after a first round of eating...
The table was set up as a Tea Party,complete with pink linens, a full platter of these "cupcakes" and pink milk in the tea cups. I led the Family into the kitchen announcing that as a crazy part of the day, we'd mix things up and start with dessert first. The Girls were thrilled, Cary says he remembers thinking, "ah, #@**, darn, I'm hungry..."
But the ruse was discovered in nearly the same thought by them all, as they realized the icing was potatoes...the full realization was slow on coming as they processed..oh, the cupcake isn't chocolate, either. (phew)  We polished them off, yummy and such fun! My Littlest was convinced I had something up my sleeve for dessert...I told her, "next year!"
Not to be outdone, as I went to put some laundry away, after they were in bed, I discovered the little rascals had been playing as well and swapped out the contents of my underwear drawer with Cary's! LOL.
They also filled our bed with their Stuffies, lining up across our pillows!! So I guess they got the last laugh in this silly day!
Hope you had some Fun in your Day,too!


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  1. haha!! I love your sense of humour, Laurie! I'll have to remember some of your 'tricks' for next year :)
    I hope you'll join in the LNS Treasure Hunt with us!