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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Fun Journal

Starting my first online class to capture all that is Summer! Join us for 8 weeks of prompts and inspiration to create your very own This and That book!
Class cost is just $50 and includes your Journal, sticker sheets, Washi Tape and Epic Day Designer paper.
I've been busy at work pulling together great ideas to enjoy summer,
to slow down the blur that these 2 months become,

reminders for us to pause and enjoy!

It's a class that's more than scrapbooking, I'll be giving prompts and ideas to actually make memories, too! And Ideas of how to quickly capture them in the simple This and That Jounral, no fuss, just done!
My Littlest is pretty excited by some of the ideas...although she double checked that we would be doing them, too!
Awareness is a wonderful thing. The night before I was writing up one of the day's prompts about capturing colour. As an example, I wrote about watching for a bright red barn in a green grassy field.
Yesterday, as I was travelling to Olds, what do you suppose?
A perfect, bright red barn atop a glorious green grassy hill just off the highway!
Gorgeous! what is it about this image that is so wonderful, do you think?

Gearing up for Canada Day and a wonderful sunny day today, too!


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