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Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Entries...

Do you ever make up blog entries while you're at the sink doing dishes, or maybe while out weeding...and when you come back to your blog, you realize you never posted any of these?
Life has been a whirl of activities.I had a class with a dear friend and her sister visiting from Holland. Danielle let me take a shot of her version of the double cascade card, she liked the way I`d used the tea cups from this card, so incorporated that on hers, instead of a big flower accent. Her card turned out beautifully don`t you think?!

On Thursday, in my mind, I wrote about the excitement of getting ready for our Town's first Market on Mainstreet. The evening's weather was spectacular and in Rocky that does need to be mentioned, as nights like this are rare. The Town turned out in full force and the activity on the street was exciting and such fun. A local band played up near where I was and I'm hoping I can have a similar spot when I attend again in a few weeks. I was tapping my toes to many of their songs if I got the chance. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to see my little stand (promises to make it a bit more eye appealing next time...between thinking the rain would wreck everything and the wind playing a factor in a paper product line, the display was minimal, wasn't it?!) But I sure enjoyed meeting some new people and catching up with old friends, which is what everyone was doing up and down the street. Just an extraordinary night!

   On Saturday we were up bright and early to a lovely sunrise, on such a different part of the horizon this time of year. My photo doesn`t transfer well onto the blog,  I was rushing to get ready but had to try to capture some part of it.

Our oldest Girlie was participating in her first Triathalon in Red Deer. Woody`s RV runs a wonderful event called KidsofSteel. She finished well and was thrilled by the achievement. It was an exciting atmosphere and all the effort by the kids doing their best and crossing the finish line was pretty emotional for me. (no surprise there, I suppose!)

I hope to get back on track with my own 100 cards (I was having such fun with that challenge) It`s looking good for today, anyway!

enjoy your sunny day!



  1. Just found your blog, fellow 100in100 participant! I love the teacup card, wow!

  2. Your teacup card is terrific! And congrats to your daughter on her first triathlon, she must be a swimmer! My daughter did triathlons for several years as a junior until a growth spurt caused knee problems that kept her from running.

    1. She is a swimmer, and did very well in the bike part as well. It was a fun first! Hope your daughter's knee was just a growth thing that she outgrew and she's fine now...

  3. Great card. Love the tea cups! I'm now following you via SC. :)
    Steph -