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Sunday, July 8, 2012

July...Starting again!

Okay, I fell off that train of 100 cards hard...and I really loved the idea and how it felt being creative each night! ...but I'm back at it...I'm participating in a swap with some great gals so I will have some of those to add to the count, but really I like the idea of doing something every that's my back on track goal for the coming weeks! I've been doing some embroidery,  I'm loving that..., so I'll share some of those squares from the sampler. I've also signed up for another class at Big Picture Classes with Nic Howard! and this is the first assignment. Plus I need to work on a couple more layouts over the next couple days. (IRL you can see the words on a piece of acetate saying my life)

It's been a busy few past days. We headed into the city to see Jersey Boys with my Mom and Dad. We all were tapping our toes and have been singing the songs since!  : D
We stayed to watch the Calgary Centennial Parade with the Girls (their first time at the parade.)
Our cousin was in the pre-parade, and some of the Wranglers from Rocky rode their horses, winning an entry award! We have friends in New South Wales, Australia, so it was of special interest to see a marching band from that far away in the parade! We enjoyed it all.
Cary and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary with dinner at East Side Mario's with the kids and our cousins. Reminiscing about our wedding celebrations as it approached and we were visiting with Cary's folks on their visit to the house earlier in the week. We'd had people camping over the Wedding weekend and served breakfast and buffalo burgers for Sunday lunch after the wedding...good memories of great times!


  1. Beautiful picture and layout! Good for you for getting that done! You are so crazy busy and you still can pull off a layout! :)

  2. That is a really great picture. You look so happy! Keep going on the 100 Card challenge! We'll all get them done!