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Monday, June 4, 2012

To Blather or Not

So, I'm reading all about how to have a fun, exciting blog..and as with anything that you think about too much, I, myself, tend to over think it and get jammed up...and as a result often do nothing. Do you ever find yourself in the same predicament, despite the fact there are numerous quotes that encourage you to "just take that first step" "start with a baby step", "act". Let alone all the quotes of "striding forward" "Go confidently in the directions of your Dreams" (a real fav of mine).
How often to post? what content? How long? all questions running around and getting various bits of advice and ideas as I read 'how to blog' type articles...LOL, meanwhile I still don't have a concept of how to put the great sidebar thingys up!! : D
My favourite blogs are ones that have loads of their great cards posted and a bit of serendipity of a blog I may have hoped for was actually creating each the blend of blather, creative stuff being shown and maybe a quote or 2 will continue to be bounced about, as well as how often and how long...but for now, I'll make an appearance to start June.
No photo...since what I'm attempting is to clear off a space, yet again, in my craft area to actually create...(and I'd rather not share the "before" picture, LOL!!)  I'm busy clearing out the Retired Stamp sets off shelves to make way for all the exciting new ones I'd like and making a few business plans amongst all the year end things at school with the Girls, riding again, now that it's Spring, Field trips, I even have a planned weekend away for a scrapbook retreat!! I have a couple ladies coming out tomorrow for the class with that cool Double Cascade card, I'm really looking forward to them putting it together.
There are some exciting things happening at Stampin'Up!, with Hostess incentives, customer deals and the launch of the new colours and catalogue!!!!!  I'll be offering the New In-Colour package again this year...touch base with me for details of  how to "have it all"!
Happy June Days to you!


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  1. Your predicament is a symptom of perfectionism - you don't want to start unless it's going to be PERFECT. I suffer from it all the time! One thing this 100in100 project has taught me is to just sometimes have a go without a plan in mind - every so often wonderful things happen! I am creating more & better things because I am trying to let go of the idea that I need to have every last detail worked out before I start.

    And definitely blather. It is so interesting to get a glimpse into people's lives on blogs!