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Monday, June 18, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I got home from the weekend camping and quickly stamped up this card for my Dad for Father's Day. I had just made him a card with a buffalo on it for his birthday, so thought I could go different and simpler this time.

After going for a quick visit with him, I set about making another card to get me back on track...I'll post it tomorrow as I am going to do it for a class for my Gals tomorrow and want it to be a surprise to them, I need to work on another example tonight of the technique.
While I was over visiting, a terrific Hailstorm blasted our was spectacular! It had so much velocity, then would slack off only to pound down again, the stones were bouncing like crazy on the lawn. I love Nature in all it's forms! I do hope everyone's garrdens and roofs were okay.

off to go riding and on with the day,

enjoy your sunny day!


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  1. This is really pretty, love how you used this stamp set!