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Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Entry ~ New Start

Ah, my little blog! I find sticking to it tough, when I'm pretty sure I'm talking to myself...however in the genre of keeping a diary...I'm going to start back at it...I haven't kept a diary for a lot of years now...but I have dozens of filled books from my 20's and before...having children and being happy seems to take precedent over self-exploration!
I remember travelling with a friend of the day and laughing as she stated the only times she wrote in her travel journal was when she was lonely, sad and cranky..and what fun that would be to read when she was an old woman! : D
I recently pulled out a couple old diaries and one evening was interrupted in my reading one of my entires. Later that evening, when leaving a friend's place, I told her I was really excited to get back home to finish reading a few more pages in my diary, I told her I didn't know what was gong to happen next and couldn't wait to find out! LOL ~ I'm glad I wrote quite a few entries to keep this tangled brain on track as I get older!
Sometimes I photocopied a letter I sent home before mailing it...for the exact reason my friend had said about cranky entries...Generally, when we wrote home, we sent newsy, happy accounts of what we'd been up it rounded out any lonely entries. We're talking the old days, when travelling for several months meant maybe one phone collect call home and otherwise no other contact with back home except the one way communication by us via postcards and the odd letter... Loved the adventure!

So if you'd like to follow along, I'm going to start regular entries. I've been quite keen on the idea of sending a little love through the mail via a card over the past couple years, but not as diligent as I was few years ago. A Challenge was recently issued to send off 40 cards during, bolstered by a number of other women joining this challenge, I'm going to start back at it and create a habit of something I heartily agree with!
Tomorrow, I'll post a funny story of meeting up with the author, Jason F Wright, at our recent Leadership Conference. He was our fabulous keynote speaker, and I was lucky enough to meet up with him afterwards!

This is one of the Curvy boxes I made back in December for my Daughter's tree...Seven Swans a Swimming!


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