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Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Delayed Resolution Kicked off ~ Cutting Clutter

An ongoing deal in my home is keeping on top of clutter. It’s easy to accumulate clutter. I've tried several "systems" and they all have great ideas. As i continue to read the many articles and books out there, I am pleased by how many practices I do have in place, but leaves me scratching my head, then why is it such a battle!  
For everything that comes in something has to go out; makes great sense to me, but is not practiced in our place at all... I have such trouble getting rid of things that might still be practical, or I might use someday. A favourite site of mine is FlyLady...She is wonderful with her Babysteps idea, and 15 minute timer...but that 27 Fling Boogie is impossible so far for me. Tried it again this afternoon! Congratulated myself with hitting 8...I'll keep working on it.
I try so hard to hold to the rule, "Everything to have a home", ...if it has a home, it's easy to return things, but when the 'homes' get crowded, then, it's difficult to put things back and it's frustrating as piles begin...and amazing how quickly they grow! In the craft room this is essential, paper pieces are like rabbits the way they multiply!
 ~ and Stampin'Up! has to stop making such fabulous Stamp sets...the shelves are starting to sag a bit : D
Specialists note that so much stuff around us each day can easily make us feel overwhelmed and defeated with the idea that it’s possible to get the home tidy and organised. Fortunately, for me, I am ever the optimist and will keep reading the "How-to's" and putting it into practice ~ and bit by bit keep it all at bay .

I've just had to find a spot in my Craft room to call home for the whole new Project Life by Stampin'Up! product line. This new avenue is fantastic and a whole new genre of stamps that work in Planners, the Daily albums and are versatile enough to make great cards, too! (look at these great examples by Aly Stamps).

Let me know your favourite tip or trick for keeping on top of a Hot Spot in your Home...


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