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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Curvy Box Christmas Craze

I'm a little late catching the Curvy Box punch art craze...but it is sooo fun!
I'm creating boxes for my Littlest to discover each morning. Started with a copy of a Panda, then a Turtle...made me think of 2 Turtle (Doves) and a Panda in a White went with the idea...albeit not quite the right timing of the month. I figure I'll lead up to Christmas with the animals in the Manger. I'm quite partial to a couple of the ones I had to create and figure out on my own.
On the Fifth Day of Christmas: Gold Fish
and on the Seventh Day of Christmas: Swans a Swimming
I made a Canada Goose on the sixth day...but it didn't really incorporate the little Curvy Box, and as I spun the box around I saw how the curve would work for the Swan.
I die cut a number 2 for the curve of it's neck and used the Framelits : Flower Fair for some variation in the wings and for the head. The new Feather Dies were used for the rest of the feathers, and I just snipped the little golden crown by hand.
This one inspired my daughter to sing our version of the song through to the Seventh Day this morning before breakfast, we're having such fun discovering each new critter!


I'm getting excited about the idea of Spring creatures starting after this...I'm heading to Leadership in Florida with Stampin'Up! and thinking I need to host a Curvy Box swap...

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