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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dress Form Fun!

The classes went so well! I always love seeing others creations and share in their excitement of what they've made! One of the ladies brought her Mom who was visitng from out of town. Look at these beautiful women with their pieces of art!

My Littlest was also enthralled with the dress form scene making and was playing after the first group of Ladies had gone home. Her wonderful Safari card inspired a couple of the ladies from the next class to recreate it the same!

...and it received further kudos when a visiting Auntie gravitated instantly to it on the banner line! : D

I haven't even started playing with the variations of the pop up itself! Exciting times ahead!



  1. Oh my goodness...just love the safari dress, giraffe, grass and binoculars!! How did you make the binoculars and grass? Amazing card! Love the hat also!

  2. I roughly free cut the little binoculars, then cut just a thin strip of paper and put a wave in it before gluing the paper's edge to hold it in place. Under my Littlest's direction, we needed the hat and binoculars to make it Safari instead of Zoo Review! We fashioned the hat from an oval and circle punch with a little circle curve to make the band. She also made a fun 'catching butterflies' one!