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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Canadian Scrapbooker Visits

The Manager of Stampin'Up! Canada, Dale Hampshire and Canadian Scrapbooker co-founder, Katharina Doyle enjoying some great layouts and tips included in the latest edition!
Jennifer has been one of the biggest fans of the magazine since the very beginning. Katharina recalled her first meeting with Jennifer, when Jennifer arrived at her place with cupcakes to celebrate one of the first issues published. She thought it was a great idea that the Calgary office of Canadian Scrapbooker be invited out to the event.
Katharina is so bubbly and fun. It was wonderful having her come for the visit. It would have been great for her to have met up with Shelli, but unfortunately, for all of us, Shelli was unable to attend our Regional this time because of a family illness.


  1. oh my gosh Dale is THE BEST!!! I spent every general session at leadership 2013 with Dale standing right next to us. He is so kind and so positive - a wonderful part of the SU Family. The Canadians are in good hands.

    1. Couldn't agree with you more, Dale is the best. We are blessed to have him head up our country! I met a few of the other Managers from the other new countries at Leadership and they all seem quite wonderful, too. I hope they'll be at Convention, too!