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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Crafts Day

Today, I went to my DD's class to make a Valentine Craft. Another Mom had suggested we have the kids make coupons for little deeds around the house, so I designed a sweet card to house the coupons. I found a neat idea for making 2 openings. We folded a sheet of paper in quarters...and glued the bottom edge...viola little pockets on both sides of the card to hold some little coupons with pull tabs on them. I love when a craft can really show off the child's style...and this worked out wonderfully for them, they were able to decorate the front and interior how they'd like. I also love when they like what they have come up with! When I left, they were proudly displayed across a table in the classroom!  From there (and after groceries) I headed to our Girl Guide troop to complete another Valentine Craft with 14 Guiders. I pre cut the makings of a banner. A simple vertical hanging with the letters L O V E. Aiyaiyai! I'm not used to precutting for projects and can't get over the amount of spinning of the Big Shot handle needed to cut out paper, cardboard, hearts and more scalloped squares, along with the letters themselves! I worried a bit about the fact that all the letters and background squares would be all the same colour for all the girls (where was the individuality in that?!...). However, with the choice of 4 backgrounds and the magic of creativity, not one was similar to another! I loved the results!!! and the girls were so proud.

On Sunday, I had a group of ladies and girls over for a Valentine Class, we worked with a Scrappin' kit and made cards, the banner, and a little Pillow box owl (idea found on line and so sweet!). I had one Mom attend with her daughters...who ended up making 4 cards herself! Her first cards!! is so neat to see that spark of  'I can do it' happen! They took their cards home in a little box that I picked up on the Clearance Rack awhile ago, we added a big fat bow and a tag to dress them up!
 The littlest girls were pretty happy with the chocolate they found at each setting, wrapped in a simple but sooo pretty triangle box that I recreated from a lovely 3D swap Amy Rogers gave me at Leadership this year.

More Valentine's to come this week...I should join the Hop again, that was fun...just too many other Valentine's today to check it out...
see you tomorrow,


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  1. Wow, I got tired reading all that you did!! LOL
    Fantastic banners and love all the extras that you did to make the classes extra special. Wonderful that you had a Mom partake that had never made cards before and voila!! Great job and you obviously made a lot of girls happy! DO the happy dance and celebrate your accomplishments!