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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Celebrate the Wonder of Winter!

February1 is the New January 1st, I've heard...

Happy New Year!

...and indeed we had fun celebrating Chinese New Year's a few days ago with decorations and a yummy stirfry!  

...but even more so, I'm planning on relaunching into my blog with a series of posts called Winter Wonder!  All part of inviting you along with me in a celebration of the Winter months, the snowy weather and the delights that the cold days can bring, indoors and out!
An effort to live with intention every day and incorporate creativity to bring joy into each day.

I'll be:
  • finding Favourite quotes,
  • counting daily blessings,
  • making a menu plan (!? Really?!),
  • trying new recipes,
  • taking photos,
  • starting some sort of Pocket Page scrapbooking,
  • journaling and storytelling
  •  reading more,
  • orgainizing closets, drawers and decluttering,
  • sending more notes and cards to friends and family
  • keeping up with my 3 year Once a Day book
  • crafting more
  • projects with the kids
Not sure how I'm going to organize it all into entries or daily life, but lets see how it takes shape over the coming weeks. I've always liked the way so many blog personalities have a certain theme for each day. Flashback Fridays, Technique Tuesdays, Thorny Thursdays strike that, what would that be exactly, I wonder? but with so many ideas to might have to be on more than a weekly rotation.

Of course, I am a Stamper, too, so there will be more photos of things I'm working on...for classes and the cards I'm planning to send! I also attended Leadership again this year for Stampin'Up! and joined a couple swaps, so I'll share some of those cards with you, too. Fun little 3 x 3 cards are a favourite of mine!
With Valentine's on the way, I made a banner for the entryway ~ and to teach in a couple classes.

We had a wonderful day yesterday putting together a couple of them for the ladies to take home.
Tomorrow, I think I'll make a bit of a list of To-Do's ~ they seem to help organize my time and I've always liked to cross things off of them, very satisfying!
(have you ever added things onto your list that you've already completed that day just to check it off?)

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