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Monday, February 3, 2014

Be the Difference

I enjoyed an interview with a lovely lady, today, a fellow stamper, who has given me some good food for thought over the next few days. She is a natural teacher and even as she was just speaking about herself and her hobbies, she reminded me of an inspirational speaker in the way they tell stories to draw parrallels on how to achieve greatness in life and business. I'm looking forward to writing up the article about her and potentially doing a second part for everyone to benefit from her wisdom and coaching!
I have volunteered over the past several months as a writer for a Newsletter for Canadian Stampin'Up! demonstrators. (this is subject for a whole other post, as I am not a natural writer and this has stretched me, a challenge I took on because I have always thought I'd like to develop this skill.) I have met and been inspired by all the women I talked with. The scope of what they have accomplished and the lives they have touched is remarkable. Our theme this past Convention was to Be the Difference!
Our newsletter team asked Canadians to nominate demos that had been a difference in others lives.  Whether the nominees touched one person's life or a multitude, all of them are amazing: volunteering in so many ways, helping to fundraise, helping out with the Calgary flood victims, helping stop someone's lifelong habit of smoking, knitting caps for chemo patients, giving thoughtful gifts, putting people at ease and sharing the rewards of adding creativity into other's lives. 
I almost preferred writing about the ones that took ordinary moments to be the Difference in people's lives where they could ~ these examples made me sit up straighter and think "I could do that/ I can do that/ I will do that".
Happy to say, I have consciously tried to do some of these simple acts throughout December and January. Like sending off a couple extra cards, making a comment on someone's gallery, random acts of kindness for strangers: buying a coffee for the next guy in the drive thru at Tim Horton's, while buying one for my daughter's teacher! That was a good day : D (two for one, really!)
These things might not be life changing, but you never know how a smile to a stranger, a call to a friend, a helpful hand, or a donation will change the chain of events. You might not feel like you're changing the world but you may be the Difference for one person...

Brings to mind this little story:

and I loved this image as a simple reminder:
Mother Teresa has quotes along this line, too. Of her many fabulous quotes...which is your favourite?
Looking quickly at Google, I see so many great words by her. Share one of the one that you like best. I'll share mine after checking a few out on the internet this week and get back to you with mine.
P.S. Funny I started this post with an entirely different quote in mind to talk about...find out which one, next week!


  1. Beautiful post, you are such a talented writer! Make sure you share your story on facebook also!

  2. What an inspiring article! Thank you for sharing it ... thinking of little ways to incorporate this into my life too. And love the quote by Ghandi. :)