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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

From the Herd~ some Advice from my Daughter

 I'm getting a head start to my new May...a Month of developing habits!
My daughter recently mused, "why wouldn't I break my time down into blocks like at school and do things in assigned times" There seems to be great merit in that...despite the fact that there are too many things to do in a typical day to actually schedule time for them all adequately and interruptions run rampant, but I'm going to give it a try this coming month...and within the scheduling define a few habits to create a streamline life. (Breathe! that was a long sentence!)
For example, we have just finished our taxes (in Canada, that's okay, we have till April 30) but it is the latest my husband and I have done them in years. For my part, I need to pull off data from our bookkeeping, which means having done the bookkeeping! ..and done it accurately. Fortunately, or not, I file quarterly GST reports which does create a deadline for keeping up with the biggest majority of it. One goal is to create a time for input more regularly (which will greatly reduce the paper clutter on my desks as well, yay!) and redefine a couple categories, so specific items needed for deductions will be easier to pull straight out from reports.
My reward for this should surely be time to create, don't you think!?

I'll keep you posted on the other habits I'm hoping to incorporate in my new "timetable".

I want to share with you this fun little card I'm doing for classes this week.
I adore this sweet stamp set. It was probably the first I spotted that I knew I needed to have while flipping through the Occasions catalogue when it was first released (and we know, there have become many sets that I have had to get from this great catalogue since!) I'm looking forward to playing with it with more ladies this week in the upcoming classes. Teaching them this neat Telescoping card template, along with a Spinner Window card idea.

smiles, Laurie

If you need to see more details and ideas for this set you can find them online in my store

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