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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Project Life by Stampin'Up! Combo Pages

I had a great month of working on some scrapbook pages. I don't know how that happened with how busy we were, but it was my go-to later in the night. I was taking a course called Stashbusters with Big Picture Classes and thoroughly enjoyed it. I pulled out my Project Life by Stampin'Up! supplies and finished my first pages ~ I will be running a class/club this Fall, so I'm happy to have gotten a start on this...pleased with the result, too!

I'm working on another group of photos to get put into an album from last year's Birthday celebration of my Littlest. I have made a fun traditional layout and mixing it with a couple pages of photos from the rest of the party.
I like the Project Life by Stampin'Up! idea for simply and fairly quickly putting older photos in their place! I love the idea of working on a weekly page currently, but the inital hurdle has me slowed up, so for now I'm content to getting started in doing it this way.
If you'd like to join me on this latest adventure, let me know. We can easily figure out a long distance idea, more ideally if you live nearby, come and create in a fun environment with other women, sharing the social side of it, too! Stampin'Up! has some of the best stamps to enhance the pages! I love them!


Want to see what's on hand for Project Life by Stampin'Up!

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