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Thursday, June 26, 2014

End of Year ~ Perfect Blend

Last day of school! Excitement humming everywhere with end of school wrap up activities, finishing exams and awards... Today my Littlest earned a Class Award for Reading! During the year she has read more than 22,000 pages from stories! (with comprehension!) She and her best friend spurred each other on and shared in creating the award. Her teacher has been wonderful and she wrote in his card that he is the best 'toute le monde'.
He loves his Tim Hortons coffee, so it seemed a gift card and this little rendition would make a pretty Perfect year end school gift.

I stamped the image multiple times to create the cup, complete with slightly darker lid. He even commented on my creativity, copying the cup style! He really does love his Timmie's!

I came home after the ceremonies and set to work making a banner to help celebrate the start of summer...I'll grab a shot of it over the next couple days...It's a happy greeting in our entryway!


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  1. What a perfect card for your daughter's teacher!! Best wishes for a wonderful summer with your family, Laurie!