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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall Y'All!

First day of Autumn, beautiful moon in the sky after a gorgeous day
...perfect end to a fabulous weekend!
Stay tuned...if I was a really good blogger I'd have a sample of a beautiful card I'd made with leaves and Fall foilage to show off here...I have hopes of making, photographing and posting a couple over the next couple days!...

The Girls had their first Friday off from school. I'd had plans during the summer to get to a few different Farmer's Markets around, but it just never happened so I invited them out that morning to Lacombe and it did not disappoint!
We picked up quite a few fruits and veggies and some yummy baked goods, including a delicious Lime poundcake from a German baker lady! Enjoyed the atmosphere of the market and then headed into Lacombe itself. On the way downtown, we passed the Public Library. We love our Library and all the books we can order from around the province from all the when we saw the name Mary C Moore, it just dinged that we needed to stop in and check it out. Bless my Littlest, as she noticed a coffee shop sign as we were driving into the parking lot for me! : D

After picking out some books, we headed over to the Cafe to have a bit of lunch. I was happily surprised by the offering of wonderful homemade food, and a big bowl like mug for my latte! They had a fun contest to spot and count the monkeys around the cafe/atrium and my Littlest found them all, earning her a Flying Monkey Chocolate Milkshake. (Thanks for making the afternoon so delightful for her!) Our visit to Anna Maria's finished up with the chef, Peggy Benoit, visitng our table for delightful exchange of favourite authors and books.
Running now to start planning some Fall classes to offer...


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