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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Happiness

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! I got great cards from my Girls and funny Husband! I also got a great photo in a custom made frame from my Littlest.  We celebrated with a fabulous Brunch at the Pine Hills Golf Course. We were lucky that Cary's parents came for the weekend. My sister, her boys and our Mom and Dad all were able to join us.There was plenty of variety for everyone's taste. A favourite of mine, Eggs Benedict; beautiful ripe strawberries dipped in chocolate and drizzled with some white chocolate, and a specialty of theirs: cinnamon buns to make French 'toast'...very delicious.
It was a weekend of Eats, I suppose, as Mom invited us over Saturday night for her Bison Burgers on the BBQ! (she makes Legendary Burgers!) and Sunday night we were ready for another meal, believe it or not, after playing golf in the afternoon.We had Lasagna and garlic buns for a celebration of my FIL's birthday along with a Dairy Queen Ice-cream cake!
I found the neatest idea of using the Easel card as a frame and decorated up cards for both Moms and added a photo. Pretty happy with how they turned out.
I was working on a neat card this evening. A Fancy Fold card. I'll share it with you tomorrow after I take a photo.
I received this yesterday and thought I'd share it back with you...

We are hiring mothers and we need them right away
You must be filled with love and vow that you will stay and stay and stay
You must appreciate a flower when it’s given without a stem,
Marvel at an ugly rock as if it were a gem.
You must possess a wealth of love, be wise, controlled, alert.
Have management ability and make a great dessert.
Expertise in finance and a flair for decorating.
Knowledge of psychiatry and Band-Aid applicating.
Willing to accommodate pet relationships.
Detective skills in cases like the missing chocolate chips.
Qualified and competent in diplomatic circles,
Adolescent counselling, in short performing miracles.
Adept in kissing bruises and using rocking chair chairs.
Capable of handling community affairs.
A magician in the kitchen with a pound of hamburger.
An ability to touch a cheek and know its temperature.
If you think that you can qualify and you’ve had experience
And you understand completely that you make the difference
Between a world that’s filled with fear and a world that’s full of joy,
Call us now, we want you to be in our employ.


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